Monday, November 30, 2009


Well winter is here so I decided to fire up the shop heater, and wake the tools from summer slumber.
I picked up a 1978 T14oV "race motor" with an ARD mag, some time ago, on the cheap. It took what seemed like forever to get this motor in my possesion, after falling on some hard times and not being able to come up with the rest of the scratch.
But where theres a will theres a was to good of a deal to pass up.
I sold off some stuff, I'd been storing to never actually use and coughed up the extra coin left over from tax season.

I was told by the previous gray bearded owner it was a "Full Race Motor" blah blah blah...Heard that line 1000 times over and rarely has it ever been what they said.
And this time was the same as it always is....Boy had I been fooled. This so called "Race Motor" wasn't built to be raced... it was built to WIN RACES!
The more I tore into it the more crazy one of trick parts I found, everything has either been drilled, lightened, grooved, machined, or shortened.
I just got the barrels of this evening and this is what was waiting inside....Pretty slick stuff. Stroker Motor BOOYA!

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