Friday, February 18, 2011

I know I promised...

But the snow on the East Coast has kept me from getting to my computer as often as I would like...As soon as I shovel it, 8 more inches dump in my driveway overnight. Today seemed like spring though...somewhere in the high 50's.
I did finally finish my Triumph motor rebuild and kicked her to life for the first time in 2 years...What a sweet sound. Simple carb adjustments and she'll be runnin like her old self again soon. Thanks to Tyler and Kyle at Lowbrow Customs for the hook up on the new set of Amals

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Its comin back around again.....

I promise to have weekly updates coming up....
Its Coming back again!!!!!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Joined forces

Ive been working on side projects and LaneSplitters is still alive and kicking but I figure the best way to bring you more cool shit is to not shoulder the entire obligation on my own. Therefore I teamed up with a crew of like mined dudes to bring you True East M/C

Check it out and dont forget to add yourself as a follower...Good things!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Workin Man Blues

Sorry for the lack of updates...Ive been workin.
Workin for the man that is. Trying my best to split my time between the shop, bikes, and workin the 9-5.
Check out True East m/c in the meanwhile...and stay tuned I got some good stuff brewin.
Till then, Ill let Mr. Haggard break it down

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Monday, January 18, 2010

Like an old friend...

A few weeks back while standing outside a party enjoying the crisp fall air, A friend looks down, pointing and comments "Maybe its about time you give those boots a break"
I never really gave it much thought...
But Ive had these same Ox Blood Doc's since High School, then carrying me many years through the streets of New York and later across the country.

It was'nt until sometime later I started noticing things around my workshop that Ive fondly held on to for years.

Just about everyday I turn wrenches my Grandfather gave me. Seldom did I think how much history I was holding in my hands. That pipe wrench must lay claim to about 50 years of nut bustin without fail. As a matter of fact I can remember living in Brooklyn and carrying that same pipe wrench in my coat as I rode the subway home late at night. The way I see it..."The Man" couldn't haul me in for packin a pipe wrench, and the junkies might think twice about the stick up they had planned, after having it swung at their skull.

I remember the day I bought that leather belt on Canal the time it might have been $5.oo that I didn't really have to spend...But having worn it day in and day out since 1992, Id say it doesn't owe me a dime, the buckle came much later, probably even before I had a Harley, but never the less it reminds me of the days I spent, planning and scribbling my "BadAss Chopper" on the back of math books.

Even further back then that, I can remember hangin with my father who was laid up with a busted leg, eating peanut butter sandwiches and watching old flicks on TV. From then on (about 84) Ive been obsessively collecting switchblades and lockbacks, all it took was James Dean wielding that blade in "Rebel Without a Cause"...and later compounded by the pivotal scene in "The Outsiders".

The Black wool hat was no significant purchase other then my head was cold and I needed a hat.
3.00 bucks on the flea market table seemed just about right and its been over 15 years and countless hunting trips with my brothers...and seldom a cold day its not atop my head keepin my ears from falling off.

Theres no real point to any of this, But should there be...Then maybe the fact that when something ceases to fail you after so many years, faces come and gone, relationships broken or dissolved, bikes traded hands, its nice to know that some things will last forever and never need replacing.
Thanks for the insipration Francesca

Thursday, January 14, 2010

There Here!

Order one now!

Black Hanes Tshirt with Gold Flake Front and Back Design sizes Sm-XXL
Fuck The Factory...Thats right there finally here. You want one...
Buy One Here
* Price includes shipping inside the USA

*Click on image for larger view

Thursday, January 7, 2010

GoodNess Gracious...Great BritBalls of Fire!

This was featured over 9 years ago but its still gets me goin. 1200Hp Triumph Dragster Click here to Read the Full Article

Monday, January 4, 2010

Not Stock!

To Hell in a Hog basket!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

A pictures worth a thousand words....

If your tired of reading my incoherent psycho babble and just wanna check out some photos...Click on the archives above the Lane Splittin Logo to the right...Also if you want to contribute your photos...Feel free to drop a line.
Click Here for: The LS Archives

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Aint no cure for the summer time blues...

Sitting here in my office the night before the birth of Baby Jesus, and the closing of 2009. Its been a rough year for just about everyone I know, some sold coveted motorcycles just to keep a roof over the heads of their loved ones, others spent months in the box...and some friends are now just a memory to hold onto in our hearts. Nevertheless my love of motorcycles art and culture has brought me around the world, and its kinda got me jammed up reflecting on how good life has been for me despite 2009 completely sucking, like shitting your draws on the first day of highschool. Heres to the memories of years past....

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Is it hot in here or is it just me?

Its always nice to see another artist shoot your work in a proper setting...Well who am I kiddin my FTF sign had little to do with this photo. MissVhaven is a smokin hot little Bettie...she just happens to be holding one of my FTF signs. John Jackson of NotStockPhotography shot these beautiful photos and was kind enough to shoot me over the pics of MissV with one of my pieces.
John shoots some amazing photos and really has a great eye for 2wheel and 4 wheel go fast machines and their laborers of love. Check out more of his work and the beautiful MissVhaven at

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Huck it Chuck!

I could write an entire blog about how badass Chuck Carothers is...
But I will say this...Chuck is that guy, that guy that people love to count out...and count on.
What I mean by that is, Chuck tends to dissapear from radar for brief periods, hiding away at his Texas bunker only to remerge stronger, more focused and ready to blow minds. This time by Back flipping a Harley XR....NUTS!
So without further adue...

Monday, November 30, 2009


Well winter is here so I decided to fire up the shop heater, and wake the tools from summer slumber.
I picked up a 1978 T14oV "race motor" with an ARD mag, some time ago, on the cheap. It took what seemed like forever to get this motor in my possesion, after falling on some hard times and not being able to come up with the rest of the scratch.
But where theres a will theres a was to good of a deal to pass up.
I sold off some stuff, I'd been storing to never actually use and coughed up the extra coin left over from tax season.

I was told by the previous gray bearded owner it was a "Full Race Motor" blah blah blah...Heard that line 1000 times over and rarely has it ever been what they said.
And this time was the same as it always is....Boy had I been fooled. This so called "Race Motor" wasn't built to be raced... it was built to WIN RACES!
The more I tore into it the more crazy one of trick parts I found, everything has either been drilled, lightened, grooved, machined, or shortened.
I just got the barrels of this evening and this is what was waiting inside....Pretty slick stuff. Stroker Motor BOOYA!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I got in I got Over I got gone

All I need is 45 and I can get on. I can get over. Give me 2 wheels. split lanes. Knees in the breeze. Ride the coast. Dodge the storms. Chase the sun. Lose this job. Shed this skin. I got in. I got over and I got gone...

Sunday, October 25, 2009

"Bored"Track Racer...

I was bored so I kicked it over to the Local Sat. Swap...Low and Behold a perfect candidate for a Tetnis shot...Or Board Tracker replica whichever comes first. Already made the call to a buddy that hoards small engine race bikes and a 110 motor will be adorning this fine Monarch Bicycle...Unless I decide to keep it as is.... Den art.
It was made in 1923 so I kinda feel bad whackin it up, but we'll see how idle time plays out its fate.

P.S. I know Tetnis is spelled Tetanus...however anus make me uncomfortable

Thursday, October 1, 2009

The building of a Lane Splitter.....

Had plans on racing this bike but I think it would be better suited as a fine Street Tracker/Terrorizer....

Started out as a 1966 Triumph Tr6 650...until I decided it needed a HP boost...Tore down and frame stripped...Now being fitted with a 750 Triumph T140v Ard Mag Fired Race Motor, lightened fly wheels/crank, Race Cams, Ported Polished and Flowed Heads, ...Dual Mikuni Carbs, Torque tubes, and huge honkin K&N filters....More to come. Hard part is gonna be swapping from right side shift to left side...

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


No words...Just admiration

Monday, September 21, 2009

Recent Photos I really Dig

Had some free time.... which is rare so I threw up a few of my favorites from the recent photos outings.

Paul Allison and Chronic Motorpsorts...Take ASRA Championship

Victory for Chronic Motorsports.
Dave Brite (Owner) has been a long time friend and is one of the last people in the industry that truly cares about racing, and not becoming a rockstar caught up in politics and the all mighty dollar. Dave is the last of a dying breed, built with a true passion for racing, shrouding both shop and race team with friends. A throw back to the days of the Mom and Pop shop that remembers names of customers, and treats each of them as if they were their only customer. There are few that still build motors one at a time, and even fewer with the talent for ringing out the horsepower like Christian Price, Chronic's resident engine builder, has produced an astounding number of winning race motors over 15 years. With this team and Paul Allison in the saddle there seems to be no shortage in talent, Its a dynamic crew coupled with Paul's aggressive winning attitude that will propel both rider, tech and owner to greater heights and taller podiums.

Allison Wins Two With ASRA At VIR
Sep 20, 2009, ©Copyright 2009, Roadracing World Publishing, Inc.
From a
press release issued by ASRA
Allison Secures Michelin Pro Superbike ChampionshipVIR, Alton, VACongratulations go out to Paul Allison who had to take his Chronic Motorsports Yamaha R6 to twenty-first place or better to lock up the the 2009 Michelin Pro Superbike Championship sanctioned by ASRA. Allison had his own ideas about the finish for the ninth round of Superbike racing at VIR. On his way to the win Allison dispatched Brian Stokes aboard his DuPont & Lipton Kawasaki. Bob Michael finished third riding the B&E Motorsports Yamaha.Sean Dwyer had a nice afternoon bettering Allison and veteran privateer Scott Carpenter for the top spot on the podium for Michelin Pro Superstock. Carpenter and Brian Stokes were wheel to wheel from the start with Carpenter edging past and holding the lead for two laps. Carpenter said at the podium that he could hear Dwyer catching him and enjoyed watching him get the job done. Carpenter finished third behind Stokes.In Thunderbike Nate Kern took the win aboard a Morton's BMW twin. Amateur superstar Jordan Richardson, riding his Ray Price H-D Buell like a pro, landed the second step on the podium. And 2006 Thunderbike Champion Dan Bilansky locked up the Michelin Pro points championship by finishing third.Chronic's Paul Allison scored his second Michelin victory, taking Sportbike to Brian Stokes' second. Nate Kern aboard another BMW twin had a stranglehold on third for most of the race, but local Yamaha rider Alex Lazo of Axton, Virginia demoted Kern in the closing laps to round out the top three.The next Michelin Pro race is Round 10, the final round of the season, from Daytona Beach's Daytona International Speedway as riders from all over the country converge to take their rightful place contesting every class trophy in the CCS series class championships presented by Sportbike Racing Association and the Championship Cup Series form the largest body of amateur road racing motorcyclists in the United states. Go to or for information about the series' and find how you can compete against America's largest body of road racing talent.

You think you got skills?

I met Drake what seems like an eternity ago, one of the few people Ive remained friends with since moving back east from cali.... Drake seems to have a knack for drawing people in with his charisma, but the way he handles a motorcycle is something you dont wanna take your eyes off. Keep em' peeled for an upcoming peek inside the mind of McElroy. Ducati Single Suicide!
Ducati single sacrifice....Smokin Seagulls

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Uphill Battle

Seems like everyday is an uphill battle...trying to keep up with a stable of Vintage Motorcycles is never an easy task. Most of us enjoy wrenching as much as riding. Live, Eat, Sleep motorcycles....But the occasional departure from 2 wheels is good for the soul. In these last few mild days of summer and the beginning of fall, we enter some of the most amazing days for riding on the East Coast before heading into our dungeons to finish next springs projects, or recoup and rebuild last summers beater. Today im taking some time off to spend with family, not talk motorcycles, and pull the truck out for some BBQ fun with Uncle Sal and the crew...Projects will still be there when I get back, but stepping away to enjoy the family I sometimes take for granted, produces some amazing and rejuvenating enthusiasm for work inside the shop.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

T100r is toast....

Sad day for Charlene, she been a sweet ole girl for 40 years. Pulled this out of her chest today, another story to tell, like so many more yet to come.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Stay Gold P Swayze...Stay Gold

Dear Mr Swayze:
Thanks for the memories and all Ive learned.
You showed me how to Rumble with the Soc's, Dance Dirty, Surf and Rob Banks, Fight Communist Invaders trying to take over my town, Play Hockey, Be a Bouncer at a rough Bar, Channel my energy to Move objects and Make Pottery....
Last but not least Dress like a women and look dam good doing so...
You will be missed God Bless and Good Night.
R.I.P. Patrick Swayze

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Dinosaur Show 09...Slightly better then last

Not much to WOW over this year, but definitely a far cry from last years fiasco having a SpiderMan themed Hayabusa win Best In a show aptly named "Dinosaur Show", But I digress.

Few tables full of swapmeet goodness (junk) and some nice Motorsickles nevertheless.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Never Forget!

8 Years later and every mention of 9/11/01, keeps me with the chills. Never Forget, is understated. How can we not remember this day? This was OUR country, now we get our morning coffee from some "guy" that bought the corner store. This was OUR country, we rode our bikes in the streets our fathers paved...we looked to the sky to see sky scrapers our fathers built...Never Forget, where you came from. Honor the Fallen